Pneumatic Riveters Pneumatic Pull Setter Air Rivets Nut Gun


This Pneumatic riveter is easy to operate in any position using one hand.
Three Jaw design in accordance with scientific ratio forth point, gripper strength up to 70% meets a variety of nail sizes.
Interchangeable gun head.
A wide range of applications.

Swivel connector for performs well at any angle.
Easy to operate in any position.
This handy air rivet gun will make those riveting projects a breeze and save your hands from tiring out. 

Usage: Commercial Manufacture
Power Type: Pneumatic Rivet Guns
Brand Name: JSHAWNIK
Riveter Gun Type: Rivet Nut Guns
Rivet head: M3/M4/M5/M6/M8/M10/M12
Empty speed: 650RPM-3500RPM
Dimensions: 208*205mm
Net weight: 1.2~1.6kg
Air consumption: 0.35m3/Min
Air intake: 1/4inch
Air supply pressure: 5-7kg/cm2